Hi, I'm Noah.
I'm the owner and principal photographer at Noah Dalton Photography. I live in Charleston, SC with a wife (beautiful marine biologist) and several pets (cat/cat/dog). Since you're reading this and I'm somewhere else, let's pretend we're having a conversation. You ask me your three most burning questions, and I'll answer them. Ready?

What is your style?
I like to describe my style as "documentary-style" or "photojournalistic." Posed portraits have their place, but capturing a story as it unfolds is much more exciting, don't you think? That moment when your grandma cuts loose on the dance floor has to be immortalized! Having spent many years as a first grade teacher, I've reached a zen-like level of calm and unflappability. Twenty-five students painting a 20 foot long paper mural on the floor of the classroom? No problem. What I'm trying to say is that I can help your kids to be themselves during your family shoot (does it involve Star Wars masks? It might...), I can wrangle your wedding party for the big group shot without losing the party vibe, and I can fool your dog into thinking that the camera lens is a magical, treat-dispensing wonder. In the end, I want you to love these images so much that you do an air-grab and whisper, "Yesssss!"

What fuels your passion for photography?
You do! I love people and you're a person. You have a great story that is about to get even greater. Whether your story is about finding the person that you are going to spend the rest of your life with, or your story is about cherishing Saturday mornings with your two beautiful kids, or your story is about how you humanely raise free-range, heritage-breed pigs, I already know that I want in. My passion for photography comes from a deep love and respect for stories. If I can be involved with helping you tell yours through images, that's my sweet spot. I see it as a privilege. 

Can you wiggle your ears?

Credit: Sara Juliet Photography /  http://www.sarajuliet.co.uk/#

Credit: Sara Juliet Photography / http://www.sarajuliet.co.uk/#



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