I can yammer on and on and on about the value of creating lasting memories in the work I do. You'd probably stop paying attention at about... here. 

Instead, I asked my couples and families to explain what it is the "it" that they come away with, after working with me. I hope that you also enjoy these selected favorites, and reading why they were chosen as such. We all have pictures that we can't help but return to, and I loved reading what my clients felt as they viewed these images again and again. 


We chose this photo as a favorite from our photo session with Noah because he perfectly captured a small moment between myself and my two daughters. We asked Noah to commemorate our time together as a family of four (which it had been for the past eight years) before we became a family of five with the birth of our third daughter. I wanted so much to remember what it looked and felt like to exist in this particular moment of time - life as we knew it. I found myself coming back to this photo; it shows a mother lost in thought with her adoring daughters wrapped around her in anticipation and love for the baby that they had not yet met. It was a small moment that perfectly captured what we definitely were all feeling at the time. Noah, our daughters' former first-grade teacher, made us all at ease with his laid-back, but professional, demeanor. The whole session was very comfortable and natural-feeling and felt more like a friend had come over to capture our morning routine in photos. His photographs all turned out so varied and beautiful - they are a priceless memento of a bittersweet time in which we were sad to have things change for our little family, but so excited for the future.


Planning a wedding is no joke. There are so many details, big and small, that consume your thoughts leading up to the day. But that feeling, once the vows are made and your marriage pronounced, is worth it all. That is what this picture captures to me, the happiness and relief, as well as the excitement at beginning this new chapter of our lives together. Noah did an incredible job capturing those intimate moments throughout our wedding day, without being intrusive. When we got the pictures back, we couldn't stop looking at them and showing them off. We also had Noah do our engagement session earlier in the year, and he did an excellent job making us feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera. We loved his photography style and will enjoy all of our pictures for many years to come.


As a Charleston transplant, having my family together in one place is really special and only happens a few times a year. I knew I wanted to document our family vacation on the Isle of Palms with some family pictures. When I approached Noah, I knew we wanted some group pictures, but we wanted him to capture the small natural moments that make our family who we are. Noah captured our family perfectly. His professionalism and laid back attitude helped us feel comfortable and we were able to forget he was taking pictures of us on a crowded beach. This helped us get the “natural” pictures we wanted. I have so many favorite pictures, but I keep coming back to this one. I love the way it captures a special moment between my husband and daughter. Small, special moments like this are the reason we wanted to document our family vacation. We cherish these pictures and are so happy with Noah's work!

Roman Maternity Label.jpg

We really just wanted one.  Just one beautiful memory of my husband and me and our new adventure growing in my belly that we could frame and put in our house.  Noah has been a good friend of ours for years and we knew he was the photographer we wanted for our maternity shoot.  We knew he would know the best locations and make us feel comfortable as we pretended to be models for the afternoon.  And he did just that!  We had a blast hanging out, taking pictures, laughing.  What I didn’t expect is that I wouldn’t get just one.  Literally EVERY. SINGLE. PHOTO. we got back was worthy of framing.  We were squealing every time we clicked next when we got the link to our album.  The very next day we sent photos off to be printed and now they’re strewn throughout the house.  When I look at those photos I can literally feel the joy and anticipation we felt at that time in our lives.  Noah was amazing, and we already have him on the hook to do another session with our family of three.


Our wedding day was encapsulated with endless amounts of love and pure joy and this photo is a reminder of that. Noah was simply the best photographer we could have asked for. Not only did he produce amazing photos, but he made the whole process fun and effortless. This was a candid shot Noah took as we were waiting for further instructions during our photo shoot. Once the ceremony began everything moved very quickly, and this was our first real moment to share in each other’s happiness. We felt loved and accepted that whole day and for a second we didn’t care about anything else in the world except being with each other.