Testimonials Sneak Peek, Part 1

Soon I'll be launching a Testimonials page on Noah Dalton Photographs! Woohoo new content!
I wanted to encourage my clients to do some storytelling of their own, so I asked them to choose a favorite image that they returned to again and again, and to tell me about it. I wanted to know why that particular image spoke to them, and I loved reading the results. 

Each week I'll be releasing one photo and the client story that goes with it.
This week, Pauline tells me about this image from her documentary family shoot. 

We chose this photo as a favorite from our photo session with Noah because he perfectly captured a small moment between myself and my two daughters. We asked Noah to commemorate our time together as a family of four (which it had been for the past eight years) before we became a family of five with the birth of our third daughter. I wanted so much to remember what it looked and felt like to exist in this particular moment of time - life as we knew it. I found myself coming back to this photo; it shows a mother lost in thought with her adoring daughters wrapped around her in anticipation and love for the baby that they had not yet met. It was a small moment that perfectly captured what we definitely were all feeling at the time. Noah, our daughters' former first-grade teacher, made us all at ease with his laid-back, but professional, demeanor. The whole session was very comfortable and natural-feeling and felt more like a friend had come over to capture our morning routine in photos. His photographs all turned out so varied and beautiful - they are a priceless memento of a bittersweet time in which we were sad to have things change for our little family, but so excited for the future.