Testimonials Sneak Peek, Part 3

Soon I'll be launching a Testimonials page on Noah Dalton Photographs! Woohoo new content!
I wanted to encourage my clients to do some storytelling of their own, so I asked them to choose a favorite image that they returned to again and again, and to tell me about it. I wanted to know why that particular image spoke to them, and I loved reading the results. 

Each week I'll be releasing one photo and the client story that goes with it.
This week, Chris tells me about this favorite image from his intimate Charleston wedding.

Our wedding day was encapsulated with endless amounts of love and pure joy and this photo is a reminder of that. Noah was simply the best photographer we could have asked for. Not only did he produce amazing photos, but he made the whole process fun and effortless. This was a candid shot Noah took as we were waiting for further instructions during our photo shoot. Once the ceremony began everything moved very quickly, and this was our first real moment to share in each other’s happiness. We felt loved and accepted that whole day and for a second we didn’t care about anything else in the world except being with each other.