Testimonials Sneak Peek, Part 2

Soon I'll be launching a Testimonials page on Noah Dalton Photographs! Woohoo new content!
I wanted to encourage my clients to do some storytelling of their own, so I asked them to choose a favorite image that they returned to again and again, and to tell me about it. I wanted to know why that particular image spoke to them, and I loved reading the results. 

Each week I'll be releasing one photo and the client story that goes with it.
This week, Allison tells me about this image from her maternity shoot.

We really just wanted one.  Just one beautiful memory of my husband and me and our new adventure growing in my belly that we could frame and put in our house.  Noah has been a good friend of ours for years and we knew he was the photographer we wanted for our maternity shoot.  We knew he would know the best locations and make us feel comfortable as we pretended to be models for the afternoon.  And he did just that!  We had a blast hanging out, taking pictures, laughing.  What I didn’t expect is that I wouldn’t get just one.  Literally EVERY. SINGLE. PHOTO. we got back was worthy of framing.  We were squealing every time we clicked next when we got the link to our album.  The very next day we sent photos off to be printed and now they’re strewn throughout the house.  When I look at those photos I can literally feel the joy and anticipation we felt at that time in our lives.  Noah was amazing, and we already have him on the hook to do another session with our family of three.