Megan + Chad


After a week of windstorms so strong that area schools let out early so children could get home safe, a calm sunny weekend arrived in Charleston, SC. It was chilly (for Charleston) but Megan and Chad aren't the kind of people who are bothered by weather. Or, for that matter, much of anything! They are delightfully easygoing people.

Megan is a trained marine biologist and Chad is a personal trainer working primarily with disabled and elderly folks in Charleston. In other words, they are the most interesting people at the community table. They met while they were lifeguards together in Wilmington, NC and the rest is history. They've planned an October wedding in downtown Charleston, and that's where our engagement shoot began.

If you're looking for charming scenery, you can't really go wrong anywhere in historic Charleston. But Megan and Chad knew exactly where they wanted to spend the most time: Philadelphia Alley. Located behind St. Philip's Church, Philadelphia Alley was named in honor of the aid Charleston received from the city of Philadelphia in the wake of a citywide fire in 1810. Lined with ancient brick, shaded by palm trees, and dappled with sunlight, it was the perfect place to start.

Megan and Chad did mention that Philadelphia Alley also happens to be a popular stop on the ghost tours of Charleston, due to its colloquial name, "Dueler's Alley." Dueling with pistols to defend one's honor was common in Charleston in bygone days. Visitors have reported everything from unexplained mist, gunshots and whistling, to the feeling of being nudged out of the way (presumably, of gunfire). 

Let the record show that we had a lovely time and experienced no such haunted activity.

After that, we headed south of Charleston to the city of Folly Beach. At the northernmost point of Folly Beach, you can see the Morris Island Lighthouse. Constructed in 1876, the lighthouse is now in the National Register of Historic Places. History aside, it also serves as an excellent backdrop for beach photos. 

It was so clear throughout the shoot how much these two love each other. A little glance, a joke, a casual touch... they are completely at ease with one another. I can't wait to photograph their wedding this fall!